Upcoming Seminars

April 24, 1:10 PM; Biology B-19
Paul Spellman , OHSU Molecular & Medical Genetics

April 25, 4:10 PM; Biology B-19
S.T.A.R.s (Students Talking About Research)

All Biology Department Seminars are free and open to the public. Seminars take place Fridays at 4:10 PM in B-19 in the basement of the Biology Building on the Reed College Campus (unless otherwise noted on the schedule). Seminars are immediately preceded by a service of coffee, tea, and other refreshments.

The Reed College campus is located in southeast Portland at 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd. (Online maps are available for getting to Reed and for the Campus).

2013-14 Schedule


4:10-5:00 in Biology B-19 (unless otherwise noted). Directions to Reed.

Sept 5
Time: 12:00 PM
SPECIAL JOB TALK SEMINAR: "The regulation of actin-microtubule cross-linking by the 'Drosophila spectraplakin' Short-stop"
Derek Applewhite, Postdoctoral Associate, Dept of Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sept 6
Location: Chemistry Patio
Summer Research Poster Session
Summer '13 Research Assistants
Sept 13"Ler of pathogenic 'E. coli': causes and cures"
Jay Mellies, Biology Department, Reed College
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Sept 20"Adaptive evolution and coevolution of sperm - egg recognition molecules"
Willie J. Swanson, Dept of Genome Sciences, University of Washington
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Sept 27Internal Info Session for Biology Majors
Oct 4"The search for efficiency in synthesis: from natural products to palladium"
Silas Cook '99, Chemistry Department, Indiana University
Sponsor: Chemistry/Biology Departments
Oct 11"A spineless tale: Those amazing cephalopods"
Nathan Tublitz '74, Dept of Biology, University of Oregon
Sponsor: Ellis Fund
Nov 1"Translating science: Writing about research for fun, profit, and the common good"
Michelle Nijhuis '96, Science journalist and contributor to National Geographic Magazine
Sponsor: Ellis Fund
Nov 8"How does a complex tissue develop so many cell types? Clues from the retina"
Connie Cepko, Genetics and Neuroscience, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School
Sponsor: Liu Fund
Nov 15"Wired to cooperate: neural mechanisms of duet singing in a neotropical wren"
Melissa J. Coleman, Keck Science Dept of Claremont McKenna, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges
Sponsor: Ellis Fund
Nov 22Summer Internships Info Session


4:10-5:00 in Biology B-19 (unless otherwise noted). Directions to Reed.

Jan 31"Using fruit flies to unravel the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders"
Mary A. Logan, Jungers Center for Neurosciences Research, Oregon Health & Science University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Feb 7"Post-translational control of the c-Myc oncoprotein in human cancer"
Rosalie Sears '86, Molecular & Medical Genetics, Oregon Health & Science University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund

CANCELED due to inclement weather; RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, February 25 at noon in B19

Feb 14"Feeling protein-DNA and protein-protein interactions from single-molecule mechanical responses"
Jie Yan, Dept of Physics and Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Feb 21Library and Qual Information Seminar
Biology Faculty/Library Staff, Reed College
Feb 25
Time: 12:00 PM
"Post-translational control of the c-Myc oncoprotein in human cancer"
Rosalie Sears '86, Molecular & Medical Genetics, Oregon Health & Science University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Feb 28"Monkeyflower business: Genomic and molecular perspectives on the repeated evolution of flower color patterning"
Arielle Cooley, Biology Dept, Whitman College
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Mar 7"Cyanobacterial heterocyst development, nitrogen fixation, and biofuels"
James W. Golden, Div of Biological Sciences, Molecular Biology Section, University of California, San Diego
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Mar 28P.E.R.T.: Post-docs Explaining Research Talks

Jeremy Coate '92 (Schaack Lab)
"Polyploidy and transcriptome size: does genome doubling cause transcriptome doubling"

Kristy Lawton (Zornik Lab)
"From neurons to behavior: elucidating frog vocal circuitry"

Cynthia O'Rourke (Renn Lab)
"Causes and consequences of mate competition in the fantail darter"

Apr 4"Anti-Antibiotics: Outside-the-Box Approaches to Combat Leading Human Bacterial Pathogens"
Victor Nizet '84, Dept of Pediatrics, Div of Infectious Diseases, UCSD
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Apr 11"Genetics of mammalian color patterns: model systems in a post-genome world"
Greg Barsh, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology/Stanford University
Sponsor: Gabriel Lester Memorial Fund
Apr 18"Microbe vs. microbe at the OK corral; global change and the biogeography of soil microbes"
Ferran Garcia-Pichel, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Apr 24
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Time: 1:10 PM
Paul Spellman , OHSU Molecular & Medical Genetics
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund

Special computational biology seminar

Apr 25S.T.A.R.s (Students Talking About Research)