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Carla Mann

Associate Professor Carla Mann received her B.A. from Reed College and her Master’s degree from Wesleyan University. Her choreography and dance video work has been presented in the eastern and western United States coasts, the Czech Republic and China. Carla has performed with numerous dance companies and choreographers, including Oslund + Co/Dance, Dance Gatherer, Jennifer Monson, Collage Dance Theater, tEEth, Cydney Wilkes, Imago Theatre, the Navigators, Bonnie Merrill, Lynne Phelps and Benny Bell & Company among others. Carla currently performs with Minh Tran & Company as well as in her own choreographic projects. Carla serves as chair of the dance department and teaches beginning through advanced levels of contemporary modern technique, choreography, special projects courses, cultural studies in dance and improvisation.