Humanities 110

Introduction to Humanities: Greece and the Ancient Mediterranean

Humanities 110

Humanities 110 introduces students to humanistic inquiry by considering a range of artistic, intellectual, political, and religious strategies that emerged in ancient Greece and in the larger Mediterranean world of which it was a part. The course examines how varieties of human thought interact to produce a culture's distinctive way of life. Recognizing that no culture is self-contained, we seek as well to interpret ancient sources as artifacts of cultural exchange, influence, and differentiation. For example, we might consider how materials from ancient Athens intersect and diverge from one another in their reflections on democracy, empire, gender, race, or class, while also considering how these materials compare with those of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Persian, Israelite, Hellenistic, Jewish, Roman, or early Christian cultures. In doing so, we will encounter issues of continuing relevance pertaining to ideals of truth, beauty, virtue, justice, happiness, and freedom, as well as challenges posed by social inequality, war, power, and prejudice.

As the only course required of all first-year students at Reed, Humanities 110 serves as the College's foundational writing course and introduces students to the skills and habits of mind necessary for academic inquiry in their future work at Reed. Over the course of the year students should become more practiced and adept at:

  • Framing questions that elicit deeper analysis;
  • Cultivating intellectual curiosity;
  • Crafting, analyzing, critiquing, and defending arguments using evidence;
  • Expressing ideas in writing and speech clearly, persuasively, and honestly;
  • Participating productively and respectfully in a Reed conference discussion;
  • Interpreting primary sources in a range of media and genres;
  • Practicing the basic methods of various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Coming Up

Wed 2 Sep

"Gilgamesh: When Terrified by Death..."
Nathalia King

Fri 4 Sep

"Of Gods, Kings, and Law"
David Garrett

Mon 7 Sep

Labor Day Holiday. No class.

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