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Class-specific resources

Arabic for Beginners, Tu/Th 6:10pm-7:30pm in Library 203

Instructor: Noha Zaher

Al-Kitaab Textbook Online

Office hour: Wednesday 1:00-2:00pm, at Language scholar office in the Spanish house.  

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Recommended online dictionaries

Arabic Dictionaries can be found in the Reed Library, as well as in the Arabic dorm in Sullivan 1.

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Typing help

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Language-specific resources

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Literary and cultural resources

Newspaper & Magazine Websites

Netflix Movies

  • Captain Abu Raed: An airport janitor puts on a pilot's discarded cap and thus becomes a stroyteller for the neighborhood children, regaling them with ficitional takes about his travels around the world. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Recycle: A documentary about the life of a Jordanian man trying to support his two wives and eight children by collecting trash off the streets. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Salt of This Sea: An American cowman with Palestinian roots attempts to return home to Palestine, only to encournter struggle at every turn. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)

Egyptian Radio Stations 

Egyptian Television

Arab Films

Egyptian Films and Cinema

  • Egycinemas, Information on Egyptian movies and media information
  • El-cinema, Egyptian movie database.
  • ShooFeeTV, Arabic TV and movie channels

Egyptian Bookstores

Egyptian Libraries

Egyptian Museums and Collections

Government links for Arabic nations

Arabic Higher Education

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