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Class-specific resources

French 110: audio files

You may also find class resources, such as syllabi and assignment-related material, on the Course Materials and Reserves page, on the department website, or on the Courses Server.

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Recommended Dictionaries

On Language Lab computers:

  • Dictionnaire Hachette

Online dictionaries:

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The following software is available as a clickable icon on computer desktops in the Language Lab:

  • Antidote HD: Spelling and grammar checker

The following software is available as keyed software on the Academic Software server:

  • Antidote HD (Mac and Windows versions)
  • Le Correcteur (Mac version)

The following software on CD-ROM is available for checkout at the IMC desk:

  • Dictionnaire Hachette, IMC PC2640 .H23 1994 CD-ROM
  • Le Petit Robert, IMC PC2625 .R55446 1996 CD-ROM
  • EuroDico, IMC PC2625 .E98 1995 CD-ROM
  • French Now, IMC PC2117 .L437 2000 CD-ROM

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Typing Help

Windows: Mac:
Word: Use Word's built-in special characters. Option key: Use the option key to type special characters.
International keyboard: Change your keyboard behavior so you can use special key combinations for special characters. Keyboard layout setup: Be able to type as if you have a French keyboard.
Keyboard layout setup: Be able to type as if you have a French keyboard. Key caps/Keyboard viewer: View keyboard layouts and copy characters into documents.
Keyboard layout: See the French keyboard layout.
Character map: Copy and paste special characters from this system tool.
ASCII codes: Use Alt key + numbers for special characters.


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Language-specific Resources

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Literary/Cultural Resources



TV and Radio stations

Netflix Movies

  • Tomboy (2011): Laure, a preteen girl, moves to a new neigborhood and decides to tell all her new companions that she is in fact a boy names Mickael. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • The Grocer's Son (2007): A successful urbanite must return to his Provençal home to help out at the family grocery after his father suffers a stroke. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Blame it on Fidel (2006): 9-year-old Anna must cope with her parents' increasingly radical political ideologies in 1970s Paris. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)

French Cinema

French Bookstores

Library catalogues (physical and digital collections)

Research tools

Museums and image collections

Governmental and cultural links

Higher education in France

French versions of web portals and other frequently used sites

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