Recent Theses

YearStudentThesis TitleAdviser
2013 Katelyn Best Talk to the Hand: Counterevidence to the Language Bioprogram Hypothesis from Nicaraguan Sign Language Becker
2013 Kim Durkin Computer Input Methods for Languages That Do Not Use the Latin Alphabet Khan
2013 Juan Flores Lavender Linguistics in the Rose City: A Linguistic Investigation of the Construction of “Top” and “Bottom” Stances by Gay Men in Portland, Oregon Becker
2013 Rosemary Ingham The Effect of Native Language Formality on Acquisition of Japanese Formality Levels Khan
2013 Haley Jacobson Blood Makes the Grass Grow: Athletic Communities, Political Bodies; Constructing Salient Linguistic Identities for Female Athletes in an Intellectual Powerhouse Becker
2013 Sara Mulliner “We’re Born Naked and the Rest is Drag”: A Sociophonetic Investigation of Stylistic Variation in the Speech of an African-American Drag Performer Khan
2013 Sydney Negus The “Hackey” Rink and the Binghamton “A”: A Study of Dialect Change in Upstate New York Becker
2013 Eugenia Plascencia Using Psycholinguistics to Investigate the Syntactic Structure of the Dative Alternation in Mexican Spanish Pearson, Canseco-Gonzalez
2013 Ian Strahan Word Order Variation in Mandarin Directional Complement Constructions Pearson
2013 Daniel Vedensky Georgian Medial Verb Nominalizations Pearson
2012 Kathleen Aston Don’t Touch Me With That Tone of Voice: An Investigation into Aspects of Audio-Tactile Integration Nycz
2012 Laura Backus Mish Mash(i): The Syntax of sh and Negative Polarity Items in Moroccan and Egyptian Arabic Pearson
2012 Jenny Calvert-Warren Smashing the Gender Binary: Suggestions for Sociolinguistic Research, and Some Acoustic and Perceptual Data Nycz
2012 Elena Fernández Collins Intonation and Narrative Structure in Sirat Bani Hilal, an Arabic Oral Folk Epic Becker
2012 Courtney Fraser And I Was Like :( : Emotive Features, Tone, and the Construction of Gender in Instant Messaging Becker
2012 Samantha Grenrock The Metaphoricity of Nonce Compounds in Contemporary Poetry Becker
2012 Ruth Linehan Is Upper-brow Raidió Anseo: An Analysis of the Use of English Discourse Markers in Irish-language Radio Pearson
2012 David Mondello Variation of Primary Stress Placement in Southern East Cree Pearson
2012 Stephen Paulsen Case and the Causee Argument: A Minimalist Approach Pearson
2012 Sasha Puchalski To Its Instance: Poetic Orientations in Speech Nycz
2012 Elizabeth Rutledge Left Behind? African American English and Dialect Bias in Standardized Testing Becker
2012 Nina Umont Prosodic Features of Narrative-Style Jokes Nycz
2012 Kathryn Wheeler “iM dA rEaLeSt U WiLL MeeT”: Constructing Black Linguistic Identity on Internet Dating Sites Becker
2011 Makenzie Barron Exploring the Discourses of Marriage, Monogamy and Mao Becker
2011 Margit Bowler The Spray/Load Verbal Alternation: Syntax and Subclasses Pearson
2011 Mattias Lehman The Semantic Underpinnings of Syntactic Subcategorization: A Lexically Decompositional Approach to Distinguishing Classes of Ambitransitives Pearson
2011 Lydda López Regias and Codeswitching: A Look Into Modern Identities Along the Mexican-American Border Becker
2011 Rachel Mossey Sext Appeal: Effects of Linguistic Form on Non-Platonic Desire in Text Messaging Antonyuk-Yudina, Becker
2011 JinYoung Park Microvariation in Ergative Alignment of Lhasa Tibetan and Amdo Tibetan Pearson
2011 Altove Rowley Characterizing the Cartoon: Dialect, Race, and Gender in Disney Becker
2011 Laura Sard Emphasis in Moroccan Arabic Loanwords from French Antonyuk-Yudina, Pearson
2011 Samantha Seagaard Exploring Feminine Gender Construction "Inna Dancehall Style": A Lyrical Analysis of Jamaican Dancehall Music Becker
2011 Anna Seymour The Prestige of a Californian Bob Dylan: Phonetic Variation in 90's Pop Music Antonyuk-Yudina, Becker
2011 Samuel Shemitz Extending the Relative Clause Extended Complement Model Pearson
2011 Robin Steitz To the Tune of the Schizophrenic Mode Antonyuk-Yudina, Brightman
2011 Julia Von Holt Time and Space in American Sign Language: Examining Iconicity in Aspect Inflections and Temporal Deixis Through a Peircean Lens Becker
2011 Henry White Villain, Victim, Rescuer: Government According to the President of the United States Pearson
2011 Katherine Wu Lost in Translation: A Study on the Difference Between Linguistic Relativity and Framing Antonyuk-Yudina, Pearson
2010 Jennifer Hawkins Retrying Scopes: A Study of Genre in the Revision of the Texas Science Curriculum, 2008-09, Or: How to Fight the Culture Wars Hibbard, Pearson
2010 Lauren Banister Linguistic Representations of Ideology and Identity in the Context of Creative Communities and Interactive Art Pearson
2010 Tara Barnett Language is a Life Full of Animals Hibbard
2010 Jordan Frand The Construction of a Terrorist Attack: A Discourse Analysis of Media Representations of 9/11 and 11-M Antonyuk-Yudina
2010 Matthew Hensley True North: Programmatic Desiderata for Contact Linguistics Based on Studies of French in Canada Pearson
2010 Sarah Kantrowitz Rhythm and Synchrony: Mechanisms of Engagement, Collectivity, and Cooperation Pearson
2010 Hilary McMahan An Application of Piercian Semiotics to Whorfian and Neo-Whorfian Linguistic Relativity Antonyuk-Yudina
2010 Jane Myers Ropes of Sand: A Semiotic Analysis of Soviet and American Propaganda Hibbard
2010 Amy Vaughan We Are Legion: The Linguistic Construction of Community on the Internet Antonyuk-Yudina
2010 Gene Wicks Flirtation as a Genre of Desire in Language Hibbard
2010 Francesca Mucciaccio "A Gaggle a' Y'ats" and Other Stories: Tracing the Effects of Ideologyon Language Change Through Indexical Formation in Y'at Brightman
2010 Savannah Naffziger "No One Thinks of Margaret Thatcher as a Sweetheart": Stereotypical Femininity, Psychological Androgyny, and the Language of Female Politicians Hibbard
2009 Lindsey Allen Iconicity in the Perception of Speech Rhythm Hibbard
2009 Dustin Bowers Ojibwe Gender and Derivation: A Final Analysis Sabbagh
2009 Peter Farago To Have and Have Not: Unifying Possession in the Sentential and Nominal Domains Sabbagh
2009 Irina Gladkova In Her Image: Iconic Modalities Driving Law, Gender, and Cultural Perceptions of Rape Hibbard
2009 Sarah Gould On the Hive Mind: Explorations in Social Semiotics Hibbard
2009 Wes Hilton The Status of Remote Past BIN in Standard American English Becker
2009 Katherine Judson The Legal Performative, Race, and the Modern Civil Rights Movement: A Study of the Battle Over Semiotic Production of Identity Sabbagh
2009 Molly Lewis A Parallel Formulation of Whorfian and Neo-Whorfian Linguistic Relativity Hibbard
2009 Will Pickett Language and the ‘White Horse’: Two Interpretations of the ‘Gongsun Longzi’ Becker
2009 Aviva Raskin Japanese Women’s Language as a Covert Standard: A Case Study on the Speech of the Gothic-Lolita Sabbagh
2008 Roslyn Burns Gender Stability in Germanic Languages: An Investigation of Plautdietsch in North America and Ingvaeonic Languages Pearson
2008 Jessica Love-Nichols “Who Does He Think He’s Kidding?”: A Linguistic Analysis of John Kerry’s Perceived Inauthenticity in the 2004 Presidential Election Hibbard
2008 Sarah Mitteldorf Where to Find the Missing: Ellipsis, Syntax, Semantics and Context Pearson
2008 Eavan Moore English and Identity: Native Language, Global Language Pearson
2008 Aurora Paulsen Resurrecting the Dead: Revisiting Benjamin Lee Whorf's Principle of Linguistic Relativity Hibbard
2008 Erin Price Evidentiality in Quechua : A Systemic Functional Analysis Pearson, Hibbard
2008 Ke Angie Wang The Brave and the Boldface: A Study of Prosody in Comic Books Hibbard
2008 Margarett Waterbury Talk To Me: A Bakhtinian Approach to Addressivity and Dialogism in Political Speech Hibbard
2007 Sahar Baharloo Words In Space: Is Word a Formal Unit in American Sign Language? Pearson
2007 Susan Barlow An Alignment Analysis of High Tone Spreading in Shona Pearson
2007 Justin Holguín The Status of Ergative Case in Basque: A Minimalist Approach Pearson
2007 Meg Biser “A Mississippi Girl Don't Change Her Ways”: A Linguistic Approach to the Construction of Authenticity in Country Music Hibbard
2007 Nick Callaway Judeo-Spanish and the Success of the Standard: A Case Study of Language Ideology's Role in Language Shift Hibbard
2007 David Freas Imitation Thesis Hibbard
2006 Jesse Hallett Lexical Semantics for Natural Language Processing Pearson
2006 Eliah Hecht The Syntax and Semantics of Focuser “Like” Pearson
2006 Robert Daly Language Revitalization and its Socio-Cultural Context: Chinook Jargon Hibbard
2006 Leah Johnston Sheng and the City Hibbard
2006 Alex Wallace The Linguistic Construction of Events and the Production of Knowledge: Reported speech and Translation in French Newspaper Reports Hibbard
2006 Aurora Davis The Function of -mIş in Turkish Pearson
2005 Roshni Gohil Possessive Constructions and the Morphology and Syntax of Noun Phrases in Turkish Pearson
2005 Laura Jean Long Non-configurational Word Order in Russian Pearson
2005 Kate Paddock The Prosodic Structure of Free Verse, Focusing on the Poetry of William Carlos Williams Pearson
2005 Annelise Uhlig Language Acquisition, Creolization, and the Language Evolution Debate: A Critique of Derek Bickerton's “Proto-language” Hypothesis Pearson
2005 Kirill Shklovsky Person Marking in Petalcingo Tzeltal Haviland
2005 Meg Mitchell The Generation of Referring Expressions in Natural Language Processing Haviland
2005 Heather Campbell Jokoa eta Jolas: Policy Instillation versus Playful Improvisation in the Basque Language Movement Haviland
2005 Mark Evans Rhythmic Asymmetry Haviland
2004 Rene Acosta Case Conflation and Case Attrition in Indo-European Languages Pearson
2004 Hannah Lynn Wh-questions in American Sign Language Pearson
2004 Jessica Coon Roots and Words in Chol (Mayan): A Distributed Morphology Approach Aygen
2004 Laurel Goldstein A Presentist Semantics for Tense Aygen, Hovda
2004 Hester Serebrin Topic, Focus, and Object-Verb Order in Mandarin Pearson
2004 Sarah Coffer To 'He' or not to 'He': The Linguistic and Social Implications of Gendered Pronouns in English Aygen
2003 Jaiva Larsen Merge, Move, and Mate: Is Syntax an Evolutionary Epiphenomenon? Pearson
2003 Nicholas Thornton Performative Differences of Gender in the Prosody of American English Speech Pearson
2003 Richard von Duerckheim Information Structure in Egyptian Arabic Pearson
2003 Chan MacDonald Language Planning and Language Policy: Socio-cultural Integration or Hegemony? The Case(s) of the Soviet Union Haviland
2003 Natasha Milenkaya Stories and Storytellings Haviland
2003 Natalie Tschechaniuk American Sign Language and Language Status: An Examination of the Conflict Haviland
2002 Chris Flink A'unaS a't'sexsa nemi' a't'ssiin: Some Topics in the Inflectional Morphology of Sahaptin and Some Topics in Linguistics Pearson
2002 Andrew Wallace Indexicality and Syntactic Register Variation in English Pearson