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Reed College Science Outreach

Building a foundation for scientific literacy in the next generation...since 1995.

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Reed College's Science Outreach program creates partnerships between Reed College and local public schools to provide young students with engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based experiences with science. Our program provides Reed students opportunities to engage with students in the Portland community as teachers and role models and to gain significant in-classroom teaching experience.

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We're are always seeking students for volunteer positions (all paid possitions are currently filled)!

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  • Are you looking for a service-learning opportunity that gets you out of the bubble and lets you make a difference in the greater Portland community?
  • Would you like to connect with an enthusiastic and passionate group of Reedies?
  • Would you like to be a role model to students from a wide range of backgrounds and inspire students to pursue a college education?
  • Do you enjoy working with children and would like to learn more about teaching and careers in education?
  • Want to share your passion for science and to inspire a new generation of scientists?
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We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in the program,
but are too busy to commit to teaching for an entire semester,
or who would like to support the program in ways other than teaching.
applications accepted year-round
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If you have any questions, please contact Kristy Gonyer, Program Coordinator,
phone: 503-788-6625, email:, office: B1A (in Biology basement)

New Possition: Science Outreach Lab Assistant

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all paid positions currently filled


Image: learning about food webs

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News Feed

Feb '14 Thank you to An Duclos for yet another generous gift in memory of Levi Duclos!

Oct '13 Read about Lead Teacher Bailey Boatsman's experience in Science Outreach.

May '13 Science Outreach Inspires: Outreach teacher Desmond Rgwaringesu receives David Project for Peace scholarship to return to his native Zimbabwe and raise chickens to support village kids going to school.

March '13 Check out the article about Science Outreach in Reed Magazine!

Dec '13 Thank you to Diane Perkinson for you generous gift! We are looking forward to bringing the program to more Reedies and more elementary students!

July '12 It's official! Biology Outreach is going to be joining forces with Chemistry Outreach to form the Reed Science Outreach Program this year. Stayed tuned for our new and improved curriculum!

June '12 Thank you to An Duclos for your generous gift in memory of Levi Duclos... we will keep his memory strong at Biology Outreach...Levi Strong!

May '12 See what Reed Alums are saying about their experience with Biology Outreach...

October '11 Biology Outreach was featured in Portland Public School's district-wide newsletter PPS Pulse.


Bringing Reedies & Young Learners together since 1995!

“It is just interesting to learn science. If kids do more experiments, kids will learn more. Also they might get interested in science…I just love learning new things and to learn how they work.“

-Tran Dao, student, Lincoln Park Elementary

"The hour I spend with the 5th graders is my favorite part of the week.  It’s both a grounding and an energizing experience...They remind me that some of the things that have become common  place to me are really wondrous when the kids discover them for the first time. I really enjoy knowing that my education is contributing  to the community outside Reed. Looking back at the semester, I am very  impressed with the quality of science education the kids and us teachers were able to achieve together."

-Shelly Skolfield ’14, biology major, Reed College

“Outreach has been a defining part of my year at Reed. It increased my love of, and understanding of, science. I learned first hand that teaching someone, particularly a fifth grader, about something is the best way to ensure that you learn it. As a Reedie, I am privileged to receive one of the best educations available, but I take much more pride in the ability to use that education to someone else’s benefit…. Outreach provided a structured environment where I could use my education in the community and I was significantly happier for it.”  

-Monica Fraenkel ’10, biochemistry and molecular biology major, Reed College

“Since the beginning of this program, we have noticed a dramatic increase in our students’ interest in and understanding of science. In fifth grade, the state of Oregon tests students on their general science knowledge. Mr. Wallace’s class had the highest scores of the three fifth grade classes; the other two were not outreach classrooms. We attribute this stark contrast, in large part, to the content, experiments, discussions, field trips and hand-on scientific experiences provided by the outreach program.”

-Sarah Bennison, teacher, 3rd grade and Sam Wallace, teacher, 5th grade, Lincoln Park Elementary