BubblePhysics is the most mature of the sciences and provides much of the conceptual apparatus and instrumentation for chemistry, biology, astronomy, and engineering. It has inspired the creative work of mathematicians, philosophers, and social scientists and has repeatedly transformed the framework of civilization. The physics curriculum at Reed College is designed to provide rigorous preparation for those who plan careers in the field while at the same time serving the needs of interested liberal arts students.

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Huy Nguyen ('14) has been selected by the American Physical Society as a finalist for the 2014 Leroy Apker Award.  The Apker Award recognizes outstading achievement by undergraduate students in physics. Huy was chosen as a finalist based on the original research presented in his Reed College senior thesis: Quantum Monte Carlo calculation of the imaginary-time Green’s function in the Hubbard model.

Each of the finalists receives an honorarium of $2000 and travels to DC to present their research to a committee that will select the recipient of that year's award. Join us in congratulating Huy and wishing him success during his interview!

The Reed College physics department is thrilled to announce that three new faculty members will be joining us for the 2014-2015 academic year. They are astrophysicist Alison Crocker, Daniel Borrero who does experimental nonlinear dynamics, and theoretical particle physicist Brooks Thomas.

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