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Lucas Illing

Teaching 2013/2014

  • Physics 311 - Classical Mechanics I

  • Physics 323 - Optics

  • Physics 342 - Quantum Mechanics I


Fields of interest: Nonlinear dynamics & AMO physics

Our work on "Exactly solvable chaos in an electromechanical oscillator" was published in issue 3 of Chaos (2013). [See also Xueping Long's 2013 thesis on the same topic.]

Rachel Fordyce's thesis project on a chaotic water wheel and the improvements on the setup made by Alison Saunders during the 2010 summer resulted in two articles:
L. Illing, A. M. Saunders, and D. Hahs, Chaos, vol. 22, 013127 (2012) and L. Illing, R. F. Fordyce, A. M. Saunders, and R. Ormond, Am. J. Phys., vol. 80 (3), 192 (2012).
A scientific illustration from this paper is the front cover of Am. J. Phys., vol. 80 (3).