Psychology Colloquium & Meeting Schedule

Fall 2014 Schedule

4:15 pm | All talks in Psychology 136 - Join the department for discussion on various topics with a focus on TED talks.

Sept 18
Meet the Faculty/Open Forum
Sept 25
TED talk: Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School
Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
Oct 2
TED talk: Dan Dennett, University of Oxford
The Illusion of Consciousness
Oct 9

Tim Hackenberg, Reed College
Working with and for one another:
What laboratory research with rats can teach us about social behavior

Oct 16

TED talk: Vilayanur Ramachandran
The Neurons that Shaped Civilization
~ and ~
TED talk: Morton Gernsbacher
Mirror Neurons in Humans?

Oct 30
Applying to Graduate School
Nov 6
TED talk: Elizabeth Loftus, Stanford University
The Fiction of Memory
Nov 13

TED talk: Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University
The Uniqueness of Humans

Nov 20
Life Beyond Reed; Internships and Careers