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Departmental News & Events

Documentaries on contemporary life in Ukraine
Vollum Lecture Hall
Wednesday, November 5, 6pm

The Departments of Sociology, Political Science and Russian invite the public to a screening of documentary shorts by Babylon '13 - Cinema of Civil Protest. Babylon '13 is a Ukrainian film collective chronicling the experience of protest, war and invasion in contemporary Ukraine. The screening will be followed by a discussion with director Yuri Gruzinov, a member of Babylon '13. Selections of the collective's work are available at their website,

For information please contact Professor Alexandra Hrycak at

Lecture: "Borders Left Unseen: Sino-Russian Geopolitics, and the Snare of the Visual in Zeng Pu's Flowers in a Sea of Sin"
Professor Roy Chan (U of Oregon, Eugene)
Eliot 314
Monday, November 10, 4:30pm

In this talk Prof. Chan will explain why the relationship between Russia/Soviet Union and China offers an instructive site for literary examination. What common geopolitical and historical forces motivated both countries' search for a new literature? How did these literatures' engagement with Russia and China's mutual fascination reveal a larger concern about their common place in a new modern world order? Moving on to a specific example, the talk will turn to the depiction of Russians in Zeng Pu's late-Qing novel Flowers in a Sea of Sin (Nie hai hua), first published shortly after the Russo-Japanese War. Prof. Chan will highlight the role of visuality as the central metaphor for modern knowledge. The novel's depiction of Chinese diplomatic engagements with the Russians emphasize the supposed necessity of an accurate visual knowledge of the world and China's new place in it. However, the novel cleverly suggests that visuality is not nearly as transparent as assumed – what can be seen carries its own deceptions, and what appears can induce blindness alongside revelation.

Sponsored by the Division of Literature and Languages. Open to the public.

Dalkey Archive Press has published Yuri Lotman’s Non–Memoirs, translated and annotated by Caroline Lemak Brickman, edited by Evgenii Bershtein, with an afterward by Caroline Lemak Brickman and Evgenii Bershtein. This book has resulted from Caroline Brickman’s senior thesis advised by Professor Bershtein. Caroline is currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at UC, Berkeley.


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