Spanish Department

The Spanish department offers a balanced program leading to a major in Spanish language and literature. First- and second-year Spanish classes emphasize all aspects of Spanish, speaking as well as reading, writing, grammar, and the cultural context of the language. Both courses are conducted in Spanish. In the second year, emphasis on composition increases, and readings are drawn from a variety of genres. Primary readings in all literature courses are in the original language. The first priority in the upper-division courses is always an informed and accurate reading of each literary text, but this also implies a consideration of the artistic, historical, and cultural context of works, as well as questions of literary history and theory.

Students who major in Spanish are encouraged to select courses from a variety of periods in both Peninsular and Latin American literature and to enhance their studies with appropriate course work in other areas, such as other literatures, humanities, history, art, and linguistics. They should also consult with the department to explore options for studying in a Spanish-speaking country.

For majors and non-majors alike, the Spanish House provides an additional opportunity to practice and learn Spanish in an everyday setting.